Tanner to provide cyber security assessments

As leading Utah-based accounting, auditing and consulting firm, Tanner LLC has launched an information security practice and is offering complimentary cyber security assessments to companies along the Wasatch Front.

This local network security service provides organizations with expert analysis and preventive measures to safeguard from network cyber threats. Tanner performs cyber security assessments on an organization’s network from the perspective of an external cyber-criminal, identifying known vulnerabilities on networks and then providing a prioritized path to mitigate the identified risks.

Other security services offered by Tanner include: network security vulnerability assessments, penetration testing, compliance testing, social engineering testing and employee security training.

“Cyber-attacks are growing at an alarming rate and companies need to reduce risks and the potential impact of an information security breach or cyber-attack,” said John Pohlman, Tanner’s director of information security services. “Our new security practice builds on years of experience and utilizes a proven approach to network security that has helped organizations of all sizes improve their security posture.”

Cyber security assessments and information security is the foundation of the ever-changing and growing business environment. Today’s cyber defense landscape is continually evolving because cyber-attacks are becoming a daily threat to organizations. These attacks remind businesses that we can all be the next potential target.

Putting safeguards in place to protect against unauthorized access, misuse, data integrity to valuable corporate data has become an integral part to maintaining operations and meeting the changing compliance requirements.

For more information, contact John Pohlman, Director of Information Security Services at (801) 889-1383.