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Tanner is Utah’s SOC 2 Compliance Service Provider

At Tanner, we recognize the significance of meeting compliance objectives, safeguarding sensitive information, and inspiring customer confidence in your own internal control environments.

Whether for the first time or for an ongoing journey, navigating waters such as SOC can be a daunting task, even for the largest of enterprises. A SOC report is likely the most comprehensive document a company will prepare to provide its customers detailed insight into its operations, policies, procedures, and certain accompanying controls.

Let us take the reins and help you navigate through the complexities of the SOC 2 world. Our SOC 2 audit services are tailored to help you effectively demonstrate your commitment to the design and operating effectiveness of controls relevant to the security, availability, or processing integrity of information and systems (used to provide products or services), or the confidentiality or privacy of information processed by the systems.

As experienced professionals in IT assurance and advisory services, our team works closely with you to assess and enhance your systems, processes, and controls. Using the AICPA’s Trust Service Criteria (TCP 100) relevant to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and/or privacy, we conduct thorough SOC 2 examinations (audits) to evaluate the design and operating effectiveness of your controls.

Our accredited professionals leverage current standards, industry best practices, and proven methodologies to ensure a comprehensive assessment that meets the unique needs of your business. From readiness assessments to full audits, we provide valuable insights and actionable recommendations to help you strengthen your relevant internal control framework. Explore our SOC 2 audit services below and discover how we can assist you in meeting your security and other compliance objectives.

What is SOC 2?

System and Organization Controls (SOC) is a suite of service offerings developed by the AICPA.  A SOC 2 engagement is designed to provide service organization management (you), user entities (your customers), business partners, and other parties with information about controls at your company relevant to security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, or privacy to support users’ evaluations of their own systems of internal control.

Who needs a SOC 2

Is your organization a service provider that plays any role in collecting, processing, transmitting, storing, organizing, maintaining, securing, housing, and/or disposing of sensitive information and/or systems for other organizations? Do your customers require you to meet certain service level commitments in regard to the security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and/or privacy of sensitive information and/or systems? If so, you are a great candidate for a SOC 2 report.

A SOC 2 report, which is the deliverable after completion of an audit, is typically required by your customers, which they use in their vendor management lifecycle, internal audit, and compliance initiatives. The SOC report provides these “user-entities” important information regarding processes, risk, and controls relevant to security, availability, confidentiality, processing integrity, and/or privacy.

By undergoing a SOC 2 assessment, you will set yourself apart from your competition and signal to your customer’s that you are sound stewards of internal controls.

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Why Choose Tanner?

With Tanner, you gain access to:

  • Extensive Experience

    With decades of experience in public accounting and IT assurance, our senior team members have successfully served a diverse clientele, ranging from Fortune 10 companies to the three-person startups. By partnering with us, you can rest assured that your business will benefit from our extensive experience, tailored specifically to you.

  • Trusted Advisors

    We are neither robo auditors nor box checkers! We actually take the time to understand your business, processes, and control environment. We provide proactive consultation, comprehensive resources, and tailored education to ensure your readiness for audits and certifications. We empower your organization to make informed decisions and enhance your security and compliance posture. We are committed to not just being your auditor but being a trusted business advisor and value enabler through your compliance journeys.

  • Tailored Solutions

    We offer a comprehensive suite of services to meet your data security, compliance, and risk management needs. Our tailored solutions ensure that you receive the right level of support and guidance.

  • Industry Best Practices

    Experience the assurance of our comprehensive assessments and audits, where we leverage industry-accepted methodologies, proven frameworks, and best practices to drive excellence.

  • Commitment to Excellence

    We are dedicated to delivering you the highest standards of quality, professionalism, and integrity in all our engagements. We take pride in building long-term relationships with clients, creating trust in our team through our commitment to your success.

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With our comprehensive IT assurance and advisory services, you can proactively mitigate risks, safeguard sensitive information, and demonstrate your commitment to the AICPA’s Trust Services Criteria (TSP 100).

Don’t leave your compliance objectives to chance—experience the perfect solution to your company’s security, availability, processing integrity, confidentiality, and privacy requirements and obligations with Tanner’s unparalleled SOC 2 services. Trust in our expertise to deliver the ideal fit for your assessment requirements, providing peace of mind and fortified trust in your services.

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