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Federal Tax Incentives

Tanner’s credits and incentives specialists have obtained over $85 million in tax credits for our clients since 2018. This return of capital allows companies to fund operations, invest in new products, and open new markets.

One significant tax credit is the research credit, which was established to encourage businesses to increase investments in developing or improving products and processes in the United States, with the ultimate goal of fostering economic growth and creating more jobs in the U.S.

If your company incurs costs for research and development activities in the U.S., it may be eligible for the research credit, which is a direct credit against a business’ tax liability and ultimately, results in cash savings. R&D activities may include creation or improvement of products, processes, techniques, formulas, inventions, and computer software.

The federal credit can provide cash savings of 7%–10% of a company’s qualifying R&D expenses. Many states also offer a research credit, with cash savings of 1.5%–10% of qualifying R&D expenses incurred in the state.

Uncover Valuable Tax Incentives

Let us help determine if your company qualifies for these valuable federal and state tax incentives and discover often-overlooked eligible activities and costs. The initial consultation and assessment are complimentary.

• We use a phased approach designed to maximize the credit or deduction while minimizing business disruption.

Our process reflects lean best practices gleaned over three decades of experience implementing projects and defending the credits upon exam.

• We continually update our methodology to reflect current IRS exam practices, so that we ensure the best results for your company.

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“Tanner is an instrumental and strategic partner in claiming R&D tax credits. Traeger realized significant return of capital and the process was efficient and straightforward, with minimal disruption to our engineering and IT teams. Their expertise and professionalism were first class. I highly recommend Tanner as a key resource to any business looking for help claiming R&D tax credits.”

-Jeremy Andrus, CEO Traeger Grills

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