Our advisory services help teams make hard decisions. In the face of uncertainty and ambiguity, we help you consider all viable options and select the best path forward.

We make objective, unbiased recommendations because we do not sell third-party tools and services for a commission.

And we deliver our services in whatever way makes sense for you — from facilitating offsite retreats and workshops to on-site consulting and one-on-one coaching sessions.



The best leaders weave strategic thinking into the rhythm of their everyday responsibilities. Using our agile strategic framework, you can adapt to changing inputs and opportunities.


Your organization's leadership capacity is the critical constraint to growth. We assess your current and future leaders and create leader development programs that close any gaps.


We work with boards and owners, including family-owned and other closely-held businesses, to identify and develop next-generation leaders.


Successful digital transformations include many digital transitions. Thankfully, change management is one of our core competencies, including ERP and CRM system selection.


Peace of mind comes from understanding what you're governing. We'll assess your vulnerabilities and provide an action plan for addressing them that is timely and pragmatic.


The Influence experience is powerful and transformative. It is based on the principle that when an exceptional group of leaders comes together in a creative environment, great things happen! Lasting relationships are formed and each leader emerges from this experience with a greater ability to influence others.

Strategic Planning

How often do you think about your company’s future? If you are like most business owners or managers, the answer to that question is “virtually all the time.” While many company owners and business leaders are constantly thinking about growth opportunities and changes for the future, they might not always share that with others at the company. Tanner’s strategic planning process taps the collective wisdom of your entire team In your company to get powerful new insights that can take your company to the next level!


More than ever before, citizens are looking for leaders at all levels of government that they can trust to genuinely represent their aspirations for their communities. Perhaps there is no better environment for this desire to be fulfilled than at the most local level. The process of building that trust starts with taking the time to fully understand what residents desire from their local government and then putting an effective plan into action that delivers on those expectations. Community-based strategic planning is the process of moving from resident aspirations to an actionable plan that local government leaders can work to execute.


The best predictor of future success is not past performance alone. We look at the requirements of the company and prepare key executives to meet the current and future challenges of the organization. Below are the key elements of our approach.