Salt Lake CPA Firm

36 S State St #600
City Creek Center
Salt Lake City, UT 84111
  • From State Street: Heading south, pass South Temple and the parking entrance will be on your right, taking you to P1.
  • From 100 South: Heading west, pass State Street and take the ramp on the left side of the street down to the parking entrance, taking you to P2.
  1. If possible, park in the Yellow Section of P1 or P2 East.
  2. Take the elevators to LEVEL 1 – RETAIL SHOPS & FOOD COURT.
  3. Enter the Food Court. Walk toward the children’s play area in the southeast corner of the building.
  4. Looking to your left, you will see glass double doors that say ELEVATORS TO KEY BANK TOWER & PARKING between Subway and the children’s play area. Go through the doors and take the elevators to the 6th floor.

If you need assistance, please call the number listed below. We will validate your parking.

About Salt Lake City (UT)

The Salt Lake City business community is a vibrant and dynamic ecosystem that thrives on innovation, collaboration, and a strong entrepreneurial spirit. Nestled in the heart of Utah’s picturesque landscape, Salt Lake City has emerged as a hub for diverse industries, attracting both established corporations and startups alike.

One of the defining characteristics of the Salt Lake City business community is its close-knit nature. Despite its growth and increasing prominence, the city has managed to maintain a sense of camaraderie and cooperation among its businesses. The community fosters a culture of support, with local entrepreneurs and business leaders readily offering mentorship and guidance to emerging startups.

Technology plays a pivotal role in the Salt Lake City business scene, with a burgeoning tech sector that continues to expand. The city boasts a strong presence of software development firms, cybersecurity companies, and data analytics providers. This tech-driven landscape has attracted top talent from across the country, drawn to the area’s growing reputation as a tech hotspot.