Firm Launches New It Security Assurance Training Series: “Solving the Security Compliance Puzzle”

Tanner LLC has launched a new IT Security Assurance training series lead by the IT Audit Advisory group, “Solving the Security Compliance Puzzle.” This training event series aims to address the complex maze that makes up the current needs for businesses in IT Security Compliance. This team works in tandem with Tanner’s expanding Cloud FinOps (FinOps) practice which will be the next phase of the series.

“We recognize the critical importance of robust IT security and compliance, especially in today’s rapidly changing technological landscape,” said Eric Anderson, IT Audit Director at Tanner LLC. “With the launch of this training series, we are excited to provide valuable resources that will empower business professionals and strengthen their ability to address these complex challenges.”

The “Solving the Security Compliance Puzzle” series will offer multiple focuses in the coming year; each will highlight specific key areas of IT security and compliance. The first event, concentrated on ISO, SOC, and HITRUST, provided attendees with crucial insights and practical tools for several critical standards and regulations through practical business applications.

By attending these sessions, participants will gain knowledge and earn Continuing Professional Education (CPE) credit. For more information about the “Solving the Security Compliance Puzzle” series and to register for upcoming events (May 30th in the Tanner LLC Salt Lake Offices and May 31st in the Lehi Offices) please reach out to via email to Merry Osborne Tanner’s CX Director – mosborne@tannerco.com. You can learn more about our solutions at tannerco.com/advisory/. To make the events easily accessible, there will be a remote option and the next events.

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