Ryan Larsen and Dr. Darin Vercillo, Central Logic

Our recent conversation with Ryan Larsen and Dr. Darin Vercillo, two co-founders of Central Logic, and Todd Dalberg, their CMO and brand marketing guru, was both enlightening and inspiring! Central Logic is the innovative leader in providing real-time data intelligence that helps hospitals and healthcare systems improve patient care and solve big problems. The payback for their clients is just three months, and with a 95% retention rate, Central Logic moving fast. We have lift-off!

Central Logic solves complex problems, and the past 10 years have been both demanding and rewarding for their exceptional team. This is a company that is full of sneaky smart people, card-carrying geniuses like Ryan, Darin, Todd, and Jennifer Holmes, their CEO. But as we listened to these three leaders, we were taken back by their creativity and humility and perspective. They are as proud of Central Logic’s “like a family” culture as they are of their mind-blowing ability to solve big problems in healthcare. Central Logic is a great company with an impressive trajectory. It is also a collection of smart people who haven’t lost their perspective and passion about what they are building together!