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Rick Larsen, Sutherland Institute

RICK LARSEN, GARAGE BAND GUITARIST & CEO OF SUTHERLAND INSTITUTE Rick Larsen, is a self-described conservative and a “one-time garage band guitar player.” Rick is also the CEO of Sutherland Institute, the “conservative, non-partisan think tank” that is named after George Sutherland, the first Utahn to serve on the U.S....


Dave Wright, Pattern

A HUMBLE VISIONARY: OUR TALK WITH DAVID WRIGHT, CEO OF PATTERN In this Influence Podcast, we have the pleasure of talking with David Wright, the Co-founder & CEO of Pattern. Pattern was a small startup in 2013 but is now recognized as the leader in “growth intelligence” that is helping...


Shannon Klingman and Jennifer Gibson, Lume Deodorant

“FOR EVERYONE’S PITS & STINKY BITS” – A PODCAST WITH LUME In this Influence Podcast, we get to peer into the creative world of Dr. Shannon Klingman, a highly regarded obstetrician and gynecologist, and Jennifer Gibson, her CAO, sister, and earliest supporter. Shannon Klingman is the visionary entrepreneur who created...


Michael Dash, Author of “Chasing the High”

SALES FREAK, CEO, ADDICT & AUTHOR: A TALK WITH MICHAEL DASH Michael Dash is a sales freak. While attending University of Maryland, Michael sold home improvement services door-to-door on the mean streets of Baltimore and Washington D.C. He is a successful entrepreneur/CEO who moved to Utah where he knew only...


Aaron Suzuki, SmartDeploy

“The truth is, we almost didn’t make it.” – Podcast insights from Aaron Suzuki, Founder & CEO of Prowess Consulting and SmartDeploy At the age of 26, Aaron Suzuki found himself growing a regional Internet application development firm in Utah in the ashes of the dotcom bubble. By 2003, Aaron...


Blake Modersitski, Pelion Ventures

Blake Modersitski has an exceptional track record as a software-focused investor that backs great entrepreneurs then helps them achieve extraordinary results. He is also a great human being! Over his 17 years at Pelion Venture Partners, Blake has had a string of top-20 venture hits with remarkable companies: Redhat, Riverbed,...