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Shannon Klingman and Jennifer Gibson, Lume Deodorant


In this Influence Podcast, we get to peer into the creative world of Dr. Shannon Klingman, a highly regarded obstetrician and gynecologist, and Jennifer Gibson, her CAO, sister, and earliest supporter. Shannon Klingman is the visionary entrepreneur who created a whole new category in the multi-billion-dollar personal hygiene sector.

It all started when Shannon was doing her residency and read a study that supported her early suspicions that gynecologists misdiagnosed basic odors and itches as bacterial infections. The study findings concluded that 60% to 70% of the time the OB/GYN community was wrong. In Shannon’s words, “It felt wrong.”

Crazy smart and obsessively determined, Shannon began experimenting with natural ingredients, free of aluminum and baking soda. A self-described “kitchen scientist,” she developed what she would call Lume (pronounced loo-mee). Version 1.0 of the most innovative natural deodorant ever created was created in Shannon Klingman’s kitchen!

Sweat by itself isn’t stinky. But when you add sweat to the bacteria that live on our skin, it stinks. Far from just hiding the smell, Lume stops that chemical reaction from happening. Twelve years ago, Shannon filed her first patent for her one-of-a-kind formula. It was rejected numerous times, but she kept going until it was accepted!

This episode is the fun and inspiring story of Dr. Shannon Klingman, a visionary who “became obsessed with changing the narrative on human hygiene.”