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Blake Modersitski, Pelion Ventures

Blake Modersitski has an exceptional track record as a software-focused investor that backs great entrepreneurs then helps them achieve extraordinary results. He is also a great human being!

Over his 17 years at Pelion Venture Partners, Blake has had a string of top-20 venture hits with remarkable companies: Redhat, Riverbed, Fusion.io, Integral Ad Science, DOMO, enCommerce, Soasta, Metacloud, and others.

Q: How can that many great companies that are being chased by so many VC’s, chose to work with Blake?

A: It’s rare to find someone so successful yet humble, so analytical yet thoughtfully tuned-in! Great software entrepreneurs want to have Blake’s one-of-a-kind perspective as a VC, software guru, sales & marketing expert, and trusted friend and mentor!

I have had my own brief moments of awe and appreciation with Blake Modersitski. I hope you enjoy this podcast!