Greg Warnock, Mercato Partners

For the initial launch of Tanner’s Podcast Series, we know we wanted to “go big”, so we asked Dr. Greg Warnock, a visionary leader in the growth of Utah’s VC, private equity, and technology community, if he would be our first interview. He graciously accepted!  Garrett Koerner, a tax partner at Tanner, and Dan Griffiths, Tanner’s director of strategy, appreciated Greg’s perspective as a true visionary in Utah’s growing technology community.

Greg Warnock is the co-founder and managing director of Mercato Partners and successful innovator and builder of high-growth companies. He is a brilliant thinker (PhD), technologist, innovator, and turnaround artist. Greg is also an amazing person who has helped so many companies and the entrepreneurs who lead them (Skullcandy, Domo, Cymphonix, and Stance) become better. Prior to Mercato, Greg was the co-founder of vSpring, a scrappy early stage venture capital fund. He has been the principal in more than 20 M&A transactions and has spent his entire career helping other entrepreneurs succeed.

Greg has been the recipient of numerous awards and received a B.S. in computer science, an M.B.A.,  and a PhD in Entrepreneurship and Venture Finance from University of Utah’s David Eccles School of Business