Dr. Donna Milavetz, OnSite Care Clinics

After 20 years of practicing internal medicine, in 2007 Dr. Donna Milavetz wanted to dramatically improve care for her patients. She was also, like some of her patients, feeling “healthcare fatigue.”  At the height of her career, this accomplished MD who trained at one of Harvard’s hospitals, worked at the Mayo Clinic, and holds a master’s degree in public health from the prestigious University of Minnesota, decided to walk away from a broken system.

Dr. Milavetz made several bold strategic moves.  She left the traditional fee-for-service model behind, raised capital, and made a “cold call” to Susan Johnson, the President of Futura Industries. Six short weeks later, she opened her first clinic at Futura Industries. Futura’s employees loved their personal care, their overall health improved dramatically, and the company enjoyed major cost savings from their new and innovative healthcare.  OnSite Care was born!

Ten years later, OnSite Care is a much bigger success story, and Futura Industries, OnSite Care’s first corporate clinic and client, continues to thrive. Their employees are healthier, and they have not had a single increase in the company’s healthcare costs over the past ten years.

It’s nearly impossible to listen to Dr. Donna Milavetz without sensing her intelligence and passion and love for people. She is a compassionate doctor and a bold leader who enhances the lives of everyone she meets and personifies the power of one!