Amelia Wilcox, Incorporate Massage

In 2009, Amelia Wilcox had nowhere to go but up. The Great Recession hit hard and her massage therapy practice was leveling off as clients cut costs and prepared for the worst. Her husband’s e-commerce business was also dropping fast. Things were tough. So she sold their inventory (and other things that were even important to her) at a great loss, and with $1,500 started Incorporate Massage.

Unlike so many business leaders who are often in the spotlight, Amelia Wilcox is a very humble and determined person. She quickly began to grow her company brand through social media, and a new website. She “traded massages” for a new logo and identity and things started to grow. It wasn’t long before Amelia had so many clients, her strong hands could no longer keep up. She began to screen, interview, and hire the best massage therapists in Utah who shared her vision and passion to be the best. Amelia began winning what she calls “the war for talent”, Incorporate Massage is now in 42 U.S markets, and her husband now calls her his “sugar mama.”

So much of Amelia’s success was and is fueled by hard work, drive, and the will to be successful. Even though she started Incorporate Massage to survive, she finds real meaning in mentoring and helping her team. “Part massage therapist, part entrepreneur,” Amelia Wilcox is helping her team, and the corporate clients that they serve, thrive and improve! We hope you enjoy Amelia’s valuable insights!