Why local companies trust Tanner:

Insightful - Comprehensive and accurate testing and reporting methodology

Easy - Minimal time commitment from your technical staff

Dedicated - A single point of contact will oversee the whole process

Trusted - Locally owned and operated for 75 years

Key Benefits:

+ Obtain an accurate understanding of your security and risk posture

+ Comprehensive reporting, relevant to your organization and stakeholders

+ Comply with industry and information security best practice

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Stay Ahead of Evolving Risk

IT departments are working hard to protect their network from potential threats. This can be a daunting task, because of the rapidly evolving techniques and persistence of cyber criminals. To make matters worse, a barrage of new hardware and software is consistently hitting the market, each one promising to protect against and solve every security concern. Unfortunately, these products often do very little to actually protect the network, and the biggest impact they have on a business is a major expense and provide management with a false sense of security.

Tanner has a different approach. A third-party IT Security Assessment will provide management with the critical insights necessary for building an effective security program and to protect against technical risk. We understand that each company has a unique set of security needs, and we believe that those needs must be taken into consideration when determining what safeguards should be implemented. Determining factors can include things such as:

  • Business operations and procedures
  • Compliance regulations
  • Risk tolerance

Work with Our Experts

John spent the last five years of his career with a leading IT company, Wazi Technical Solutions, where he developed a passion for business management and growth with a specific interest in Network Security. He is a frequent speaker on IT controls and network security topics at meetings for professional organizations and business groups. John received his Master’s in Business Administration, summa cum laude, from Westminster College in 2011.

Obtain an accurate understanding of your security and risk posture, while ensuring compliance with industry regulators and information security best practices.

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