Tom Stockham, Experticity

There is a healthy dose of perseverance and inspiration in this podcast that features Tom Stockham, the CEO of eXperticity, a high-growth SaaS and analytics company that “collects category influencers and connects them with the world’s top brands.”

Tom received a B.A. from Dartmouth College and an MBA from Stanford University, before further developing his foundational business and problem solving skills as a consultant within Boston Consulting Group’s retail practice. Following BCG, Tom was the General Manager of Citysearch where he was successful in his efforts to significantly increase revenues for one of the Internet’s earliest businesses focused on “local information.” Later as President of Ticketmaster, Tom led the company’s transition to electronic ticketing and greater growth. Tom helped create one of the Internet’s leading subscription businesses as the CEO of MyFamily.com (Ancestry.com).

Please enjoy this podcast that provides a glimpse into Tom’s innate talent and passion. More than a successful CEO, entrepreneur, advisor, and private investor, Tom is an innovative technology leader that is committed to solving problems and building companies and people!