Tim Stay, The Other Side Academy

The Other Side Academy: An innovative, self-help academy and residence where some of the most disadvantaged (and incredible) people in our community are learning new ways to succeed.

We weren’t with Tim Stay, CEO of The Other Side Academy, very long before he suggested that we talk with one his students. Within five minutes we had the pleasure of meeting Shawn, who looked street-smart and was very people-savvy.  Tim talked about things like being in “the safest place I have ever been” and a culture of “pulling each other up.”  It was inspiring to meet Shawn.  The inspiration continued with Tim as he talked about keeping it pure and building a sustainable model so even more lives can be changed. It wasn’t long before Parley, “the rescue dog”, joined our conversation by walking into the meeting room with his tail wagging. Even Parley has a mission: to make people happy and feel loved.

It’s a positive irony that Joseph Grenny, the world renowned change agent for the Fortune 500, recruited Tim Stay so they could start The Other Side Academy.  Isn’t it cool that the former cast-offs of society are using “Fortune 500 principles” to transform their very lives, perhaps the greatest transformation of all? Please enjoy this glimpse into The Other Side Academy, a learning laboratory where people acquire new life skills and courage is contagious!

Two key facts

Life before the Other Side Academy

“The toughest of the tough!”

Average number of arrests: 23

After the Other Side Academy (one of many positive Yelp reviews)

“These guys were fantastic.  We used them to move within Park City and they were really quick, courteous, and hard working.  I would definitely recommend them in the future.”

Average service rating: 5 Stars