Shawn Moon, Zerorez

Shawn Moon is fully present and fully engaged. He’s not a multitasker. And when you meet him, you quickly sense that you are talking to a very disciplined, very different kind of leader. Part psychologist, part strategist, part Zen Ninja, Shawn is the author of several respected books on leadership, among them The Ultimate Competitive Advantage and Talent Unleashed.

He spent most of his career helping Fortune 500 executives get better results. And, before that, Shawn was a Principal with Mellon Financial Corporation, one of the world’s largest money management firms. He now leads a once-obscure carpet cleaning company called Zerorez, perhaps the most innovative, high-growth carpet cleaning company in the world.

Zerorez is not a glamorous company. But then Shawn Moon is a different kind of CEO. His franchise partners are fiercely loyal and are willing to follow a new formula for success as they disrupt the home restoration and carpet cleaning industry. They want to be successful, and many of them are becoming millionaires as they reinvent Zerorez and themselves. We hope you enjoy this Influence podcast!