Rob Jeppsen and Gary Rhoads, Xvoyant

Our most recent Influence interview with Rob Jeppsen and Gary Rhoads, the co-founders of Xvoyant, made me think of the lyrics of David Byrne…

Rob Jeppsen is a sales and marketing genius who starts and grows companies like Allegiance Technologies and Xvoyant. And he’s a card-carrying expert at helping big companies like Valvoline, Waste Management, and Adobe win more clients. In short, Rob collects national sales awards—15 Stevie Awards, SAMY Awards, etc.—like Boy Scouts collect merit badges.

Gary Rhoads is the revered and highly decorated Steven Mack Covey Professor of Marketing & Entrepreneurship at Brigham Young University. Far from being a typical marketing professor, Gary is one of only two or three marketing PhD’s in the U.S. who wrote his dissertation (Texas Tech University) on sales, not marketing. In his spare time, Gary likes to start and grow cool companies like Allegiance and Xvoyant, then sell them to huge corporations like Computer Science Corporation and Maritz Holdings.

This is an amazing conversation with Rob Jeppsen and Gary Rhoads. “This ain’t no party, this ain’t no disco, this ain’t no fooling around.” We hope you enjoy it!