Maxine Turner, Cuisine Unlimited

“When a kindness is done, it has to be paid back 10 times.” Margo Provost

After a successful career in marketing, in 1985 Maxine Turner wanted to raise a family and continue to contribute to make a difference in Utah. So she started a catering company, Cuisine Unlimited, opened a small deli, and very worked hard. Her new company took off, and Maxine’s husband, Marvin, left his corporate career to help her run her rapidly growing company. Cuisine Unlimited was on its way to becoming one of the most decorated and celebrated catering companies in the United States!

But Maxine’s success in building her own high-growth company is not the focus of this engaging interview. It’s more about bringing happiness to people and following her passion to create celebrations around food. More than anything Maxine Turner is a giver who, like her friend Margo Provost, the founder of Log Haven, believes that “when a kindness is done, it has to be paid back 10 times.”

Maxine serves as the chairwoman for the U.S. Chamber of Commerce Council on Small Business, the U.S. Chamber’s principal policy committee representing small businesses. She serves as a board member for the Economic Development Corporation of Utah and was a member of the first national Key for Women Advisory Board for Key Bank. We hope you enjoy the wisdom and insights of Maxine Turner, leader who has done so much on a national and community level as force for good!