Matt Wardle, JD Machine

JD Machine’s Pleasant View office looks like an upscale engineering or architectural firm. It also looks and feels like a one of the most progressive and automated machine shops in the United States. It’s very clean, very cutting edge and enjoys rave reviews from employees on Glassdoor (4.7 out of 5).

In 1979 a master machinist named Don Wardle moved to back to Utah from California and settled in Ogden with his growing family. He was 50 years old and couldn’t find a job, so he started his own company, JD Machine. In 1992 the company employed a dozen employees when Don’s son, Matt Wardle, became the President and CEO.

This Influence podcast with Matt Wardle is both subtle and powerful. It’s subtle because Matt Wardle is an understated man who is quick to recognize his employees for the successes enjoyed at JD Machine. It’s powerful because Matt is responsible for JD Machine’s explosive growth, now 200 employees, and exceptional clients that are household names: Boeing, Parker Hannifin Corporation, and Northrop Grumman.

For nearly 25 years, Matt has transformed a very traditional company into a nationally recognized market leader. He finds real meaning from providing hundreds of paid internships, “removing gender barriers”, and providing six-figure incomes without sacrificing JD Machine’s unique “family vibe.” We hope you enjoy our podcast with Matt Wardle, a truly exceptional leader!