Linda Leckman, Intermountain Medical Group

This week’s Influence podcast features Linda Leckman, the CEO of Intermountain Medical Group in Salt Lake City and a brilliant trailblazer for women in medicine. In a very real way Linda’s impressive career as a surgeon and CEO in healthcare all started when she was a teenager working as a candy striper when her desire to be a doctor first began. She went on to earn an undergraduate degree in history at Texas Christian University and a medical degree from the University of New Mexico before coming to the University of Utah to do a residency in general surgery. Linda was the first woman in the residency program at the University of Utah at a time when it was commonly thought that women didn’t have the temperament to be good surgeons, but she persisted and succeeded! During her second year, she was so happy that the university let three more women into its residency program.

After graduating in 1982, Linda established her own successful private practice as a general surgeon in Salt Lake City. After 14 years running her own surgical practice, Linda made the bold move to join the executive team of Intermountain Healthcare and three years later she was leading their newly formed physician group. Even though her experience in business and finance was limited, Linda was determined to succeed and worked her way to the top as she grew Intermountain Medical Group from fewer than 100 doctors to more than 1,000 as she greatly expanded her group’s impact to 180 clinics across the state. We hope you enjoy the insights of Dr. Linda Leckman, a brilliant thinker who broke down barriers so other women could move forward in leadership roles that have improved healthcare in Utah.