Isaac Barlow, BusyBusy

We recently had the pleasure of meeting Isaac Barlow, the inspirational entrepreneur and president of a thriving workforce analytics company in St. George called BusyBusy. After 15 years of successful business management experience in the construction company, Isaac launched BusyBusy with the goal of helping construction and service companies automate time cards and daily progress on BusyBusy’s innovative mobile SaaS platform. He has never looked back!

Isaac refers to the construction industry he knows so well as “organized chaos.” He saw a real opportunity to help contractors and service companies have greater success by giving them better information to make better decisions in real time. Isaac’s hero is Thomas Edison and it shows in his persistence and commitment! He is always “prototyping new ideas to make sure that they work”, and BusyBusy is rapidly growing with customers in 45 states. We hope you enjoy this inspiring interview with Isaac Barlow who is leading BusyBusy’s team of innovators on their quest to make the construction industry a lot less chaotic and a lot more successful!