Gary Larcenaire, Valley Behavioral Health

Whether it’s cutting the ribbon for a new 16 bed residential home in Salt Lake City or making sure everyone feels valued, Gary Larcenaire, the CEO of Valley Behavioral Health, is always making big moves that make a difference in the lives of those he serves! Just five years ago Gary inherited an embattled agency that was struggling and had lost its long-term contract with Salt Lake County to oversee $50 million for mental services. Things looked bleak, and they were laying off employees. But Gary, an optimistic innovator with a track record of success as the CEO of El Paso Mental Health and Mental Retardation agency, was enthusiastic. “Valley is in an exciting stage of its evolution, and I’m enthusiastic to be a part of the team!”

Over the past five years, Gary and his team have had a significant impact in our community. In this podcast, we explore the secrets and philosophy of this visionary leader who has transformed Valley Behavioral Health into a national leader. Gary and his team “firmly share Valley’s vision and commitment to helping the severely and persistently mentally ill find relief, recovery and rediscovery.”