Executive Coaching

The best predictor of future success is not past performance alone. We look at the requirements of the company and prepare key executives to meet the current and future challenges of the organization. Below are the key elements of our approach.


We utilize a multi-modal approach, with 360 degree surveys, interviews, and cognitive abilities testing.

Formal Leadership Appraisal Report

This valuable report highlights norm group statistics, individual strengths, and includes recommendations for development.

Assessment Feedback With A Consultant

All assessments result in a private analysis of the assessment data.

Development Planning & Goal Setting

This is an area of real impact because we help link unique strengths of young executives with the broader needs of the organization.

Regular Progress Review Meetings

These meetings serve as a worthwhile catalyst for progress and meaningful change.

Wrap Up And Resurvey Process

Since it takes two years to truly change a perception, our resurvey process is valuable in measuring executive progress.

Individual Feedback

Our approach to individual feedback emphasizes the perceptions of others and holds the participant accountable to change their behavior.

Overall Benefits:

This approach provides a clear picture of each executive’s strengths and developmental needs. Returns are immediate as the participant begins to work on his/her development through action planning and stretch assignments. This program also facilitates an organization’s succession planning and talent management efforts via regular progress check-ins, opportunities for exposure to other areas of the organization, and tailored leadership training that addresses the strategic needs of the organization.

Meet Gary Vickrey, Leadership Solutions Partner

Gary Vickrey Headshot

Gary Vickrey

Leadership Solutions Partner

Gary joined Tanner LLC following careers with Jackson Leadership Systems and the United States military. He specializes in the selection and development of senior leaders throughout the world. His most recent area of specialty is in constructing and implementing Leadership Development Academies for leading organizations. Gary’s clients include BASF, Crawford & Company, Mid-Atlantic Finance Company, PetroValves, members of The Crown Group, PKF North America, and many others. Additional specialties include executive coaching and development, conflict management, rewards and recognition and public speaking. He received his B.Sc. in Psychology and his M.S. in Industrial/Organizational Psychology from the University of Idaho.

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