Davis Smith and Stephan Jacob, Cotopaxi

We live in a careless world, and it’s not very often that you find a company that is innovative but has a heart, financially successful but is focused on giving. In this Influence podcast we highlight just such a company, Cotopaxi! Please enjoy this interview with Cotopaxi’s founders, Davis Smith and Stephan Jacob who co-founded this company that is attracting so much attention from outdoor industry leaders like Patagonia and numerous investors because of the success of their business and their focus on doing good!

Davis Smith and Stephan Jacob both earned degrees from impressive schools, BYU and Stanford (Davis), Universitat Mannheim and University of South Australia (Stephan) before they met each other at University of Pennsylvania –The Wharton School. They are true entrepreneurs who, following stints at Alta Ventures, PoolTables.com, and Baby.com (Davis) and McKinsey, Bain, and Kembral (Stephan), decided to “create innovative outdoor products that fund sustainable poverty alleviation and move people to do good”.  We were inspired by our interview with Davis and Stephan, two leaders that inspire others and are making a difference in the world.