International Tax

International Tax Services

When your business is ready to expand beyond the borders of the U.S., you need the advice and expertise of experienced accountants more than ever to ensure that you are doing everything necessary with regard to tax compliance and laws in the countries where you are operating. Tanner is one of the few public accounting firms in our region with a recognized resident aspect in international tax. Opening up your business to new markets is a great way to increase revenues and broaden your customer base, and our advice and expertise can help ensure the continuing success of your multinational corporation and identify new opportunities to improve your tax position.

Dealing with Global Change

Multinational corporations (MNCs) face many challenges in an ever-changing global regulatory, legislative, and judicial environment. As a business owner, you need a professional to help you understand and comply with these changes. Tanner’s team of certified accountants has the resources, tools, and expertise to guide you in all aspects of international taxation.

If you’re operating in multiple countries or jurisdictions, it can be difficult for your tax department or staff to handle the myriad of requirements for international tax compliance. When you bring in our team of experienced accountants, we can work as an extension of your existing team, keeping them informed of changing tax laws and assisting your company in creating the optimal tax strategy for current operations and future growth.

Unrivaled Commitment, Effective Solutions

Tanner  is the name you can trust for assistance with your company’s international tax needs in Salt Lake City. We offer effective solutions to achieve your goals, both locally and globally, and can advise you on a variety of existing and potential international tax issues that might impact your multinational business, including:

  • Responding to inquiries from tax authorities
  • Creating and implement cross-border tax strategies
  • Staying current on the latest developments in the global regulatory landscape
  • Monitoring and manage your global tax rate

We would love to talk to you about how our international tax professionals can help you grow and manage your business. Please give us a call today to schedule a time to meet