Social Engineering Training

What is social Engineering training?

Understanding how easily a social engineer can get into a company’s network is one thing, but changing the employees’ behaviors is another. Tanner’s Information Security team can help with both of these concerns. We strongly believe that education is a key component to long-term risk reduction. Tanner’s Employee Security Training focuses on helping users understand their role in establishing the longevity of a company’s security policy. Our social engineering training focuses on the following key areas:

• How end-user actions can put an organization at risk
• Examples of today’s latest cyber threats
• How to recognize and respond to cyber threats
• Why it is critical to comply with a company’s security policy

This presentation helps create culture of security, which is extremely effective at combating cyber threats targeted at end-users.

How we’re different

Most security awareness modules focus only on abstract concepts that users have heard multiple times and these types of trainings tend to be ineffective. In-person training is much more effective and is roughly the same price. By explaining to users real-world examples of cyber threats, we help users understand how to recognize attacks and how to effectively respond with appropriate actions. Our trainings are engaging, interactive and fun!

What you get

With the onsite training, our security director will start off by personally explaining the trends and issues companies are currently facing. He will then talk about the different tactics, techniques, and attack vectors technical hackers are using to steel private information. This information will then be compared to the methods a social engineer would use to access secured data. The presenter will then provide everyone with preventative measures that can be used to immediately help the organization prevent such attacks.