Network Security Consulting

Network Security Consulting

A holistic approach to network security consulting requires more than just implementing a hardware or software device, it is a process that should be built to address the specific threats and risk that your organization faces. Every organization needs to understand what they are protecting, how it will be protected, and when they have been successful. Every organization’s needs are different due to compliance requirements, business needs and industry-specific threats.. Tanner’s network security analysts are vigilant about staying up to date with the latest security tools, threats, compliance regulations and industry developments. Due to the rapidly evolving nature of the IT security industry, each organization requires a customized approach that best fits their needs. Our Network Security Consulting services is designed to assist with items such as:

• Risk identification and assessment
• Vulnerability remediation
• Secure network architecting
• Regulatory compliance requirements (PCI, NCUA, HIPPA, GLBA etc.)

How we’re different

Tanner’s Network Security Consulting Team has helped several organizations address a wide range of security concerns.

Scenario #1:

A large corporation contacted Tanner because a merchant provider was beginning to fine them due to their gaps in PCI compliance. Their combination of global e-commerce and local transactions was presenting them with a unique challenge. Tanner contracted with the company on a monthly retainer agreement, and in 3 months, they met all of the merchant provider’s requirements, and significantly increased their security posture.

Scenario #2:

A financial services organization contacted Tanner because a recent compliance audit revealed a negative finding about their operations. They wanted to resolve this issue, but the report used ambiguous wording and they were not clear on how to resolve the problem appropriately. Tanner provided an independent IT controls audit customized to meet their needs, and resolved the issue, saving them from the repercussions of ignoring the finding.

Scenario #3:

Another company contacted Tanner’s network security consulting team because they believed they were paying too much for annual security tests. No matter what the network security concern may be, our team can provide you with a network security analyst that has already provided those services to another firm and will create a customized plan for you.

What you get

A dedicated Network Security Consultant will meet with you and your team. They will make themselves available to answer questions, provide recommendations and help you make better-informed decisions about your information security program.
Put our experience to work and let us help make sense of your information security questions.