Information Security Services

Data and Information Security Services

Because information security breaches and cyber-attacks are growing at an alarming rate, companies are rushing to find the best way to reduce the risks and impact of a breach or cyber-attack. The number and severity of attacks are increasing as users have multiple devices that connect into a network, which impact the availability, integrity and security of a network. Our proven network, data, and information security methods have helped organizations of all sizes. Contact one of our security analysts and let us crate a plan for you!


Tanner’s information security analyst can provide everything an organization needs to manage all aspects of a security program. We will help to outline the information security strategy, understand and quickly identify threats or vulnerabilities, and provide a prioritized path to mitigate the identified risk. Below is a list of the specific security services we can offer:


Navigating the security services industry can be a headache!  Many companies offer services, software or devices that over-promise and under-perform.  At Tanner, we believe that every service should provide genuine value to our clients, and at a fair price.   We’ve simplified our approach in the model below.  Every service is driven by organization requirements [left], and always produces actionable results [right].

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