Information Security Services

Data and Information Security Services

Information security has become a much larger concern in recent years, and companies need to know how to best secure their data. Unfortunately, navigating the complex nature of today’s security solutions can be painfully frustrating.  The market is saturated with of high-pressure sales tactics, obscure buzzwords and vague promises; how can you identify which solutions will actually help keep your network safe?  We take a different approach by identifying and diagnosing the risk before treating it.  Contact one of our security analysts and let us help create a plan for you.

Unmatched Experience

  • Our analysts hold industry-standard certifications including Certified Ethical Hacker (CEH) and Certified Information Systems Security Professional (CISSP)
  • Tanner performed over 400 security assessments in 2016
  • Our team’s strong background in IT system administration allows us to make recommendations based on practical experience

Exceptional Support

  • Post-engagement reviews are always included in our up-front pricing
  • All services include complimentary access to a dedicated security analyst for a minimum of one year after any engagement
  • Our flexible test scheduling helps prevent system interruptions during critical business hours

Actionable Strategy

  • All reports are writtent with an executive summary, a prioritized action plan, and detailed descriptions of all findings
  • We know every organization is different, so we will customize our services to best suit your needs
  • We help navigate complex compliance regulations like PCI, HIPAA, GLBA, NCUA and NIST

The noise in today’s security market would have you believe you need to buy bleeding-edge next-gen products to secure your network, but the companies pushing these products fail to acknowledge that the vast majority of security breaches can be traced back to a failure to implement very basic security controls.  Worse yet, many of these products often fail to detect or prevent basic hacking attempts.  This ends up leaving you with a depleted budget and insecure network.

Our philosophy is to do the basics better than anyone else.  When you engage Tanner’s experienced information security team, you can expect to receive actionable, realistic recommendations that are proven to increase security and reduce risk.  Our recommendations will allow you to drastically improve your security posture without the need to purchase expensive hardware or software products.