Tanner cohort aimed to influence future leaders

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Influence - Utah's leadership conferenceTanner LLC, a leading Utah-based accounting and consulting firm, is now accepting applications for its leadership training academy to develop and inspire future business leaders.

Called Influence, the program is a transformative learning experience designed to help leaders develop a deep understanding of their own unique strengths, which can greatly impact their ability to influence others.  The academy will run April 25-27, 2016 at Deer Valley Resort in Park City.

The content revolves around two key components (1) cultivating leadership self-awareness and (2) building an understanding of what influences human behavior; then applying both in the context of the participant’s current role and leadership.  Participants work together to address current challenges they face and develop strategies and practice skills for influencing others.

The typical candidate profile for “Influence” is someone in their 30s that is hungry for development opportunities and is taking on leadership responsibilities in their organization.  Sometimes this takes the form of a 28-year old tech founder; a 40-year-old VP at a larger corporation; or a likely succession candidate to a family-owned business.

“This program is not something where we sit everyone down together and review slide decks about the latest and greatest leadership theory,” said Dan Griffiths, Tanner Leadership Solutions Director.  “This is a practical workshop where participants will be expected to step outside of their comfort zones and practice with their peers and connect on a much deeper level.”

The program offers access to a powerful network of other gifted professionals and up-and-coming leaders. Influence participants will expand and deepen their network in a way that could not be achieved through traditional means.

For more information, contact Dan Griffiths at Tanner LLC (801) 924-5153.

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