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Remote workers: Are they part of the team?

The movement to a more open workforce creates opportunities as well as risks. High-performing companies are using the open workforce to deliver competitive advantage, and many organizations expect the shift in using external talent in favor of full-time employees to accelerate in the future. One challenge of managing decentralized workers is giving them a sense… View Article


Influence Podcast – Susan Johnson, Futura

“PEOPLE SPEND TOO MUCH TIME READING THEIR BUSINESS CARDS” An Influence Podcast with Susan Johnson, President, engineer, and humanist It was our recent pleasure to sit down and talk with Susan Johnson, the outgoing President and CEO of the most profitable metal extruder in North America, Futura Industries. Over the past 22 years, Susan has… View Article


Influence Podcast – The Other Side Academy

The Other Side Academy: An innovative, self-help academy and residence where some of the most disadvantaged (and incredible) people in our community are learning new ways to succeed. We weren’t with Tim Stay, CEO of The Other Side Academy, very long before he suggested that we talk with one his students. Within five minutes we… View Article


Ray S. Ellison to Retire from Tanner LLC

Salt Lake City, Utah – Tanner LLC announces the retirement of its beloved audit and consulting partner and luminary, Ray Ellison.  Ray’s decision to retire will culminate a remarkable career of over 31 years of dedicated service to Tanner LLC, it clients, and thousands of organizations that he has helped and benefitted over the years…. View Article