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Influence Podcast – Jeff Miller, Mark Miller Subaru

by Tom Lund
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The Road Less Traveled

Sometimes you find innovation and inspiration in the most unexpected places. In this week’s Influence Podcast we experienced both as we had the pleasure of meeting with Jeff Miller the Co-owner and General Manager of both Mark Miller Subaru Dealerships and JCO Financial. Jeff and Mark are counterintuitive disruptors in the automotive industry. Their flagship stores, one located in a dealership that Larry Miller closed in 2009, look and feel and smell like a hot technology company. That’s the vibe!

Sixteen years ago, Jeff Miller graduated from USC and with his father, Mark, and his wife, Tatiana, began refining their unique culture and reinventing the entire experience of buying a car. They have created a loyal, nurturing, honest environment that brings out the best in every member of their team. “What makes us successful is that we take care of our people, and because we take care of them, they take care of our valued customers.”

They have won every national award in their industry–the Subaru Stellar Award for excellence in customer-focused performance, as well as the only Edmunds.com Five Star Dealer rating in Utah for any brand, etc.–but find the most meaning in their “do good, feel good” culture. They love giving their time, along with very generous donations to the Ronald McDonald House, the Boys and Girls Club, or plant trees for TreeUtah, serve the homeless, or sponsor a community mural.

Please enjoy this inspiring podcast that celebrates the road less traveled!

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