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Influence Podcast – Clint Betts

by Tom Lund
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This week’s Influence podcast features Clint Betts, the authentic, committed protagonist of tech in Utah. Clint is the Founder, CEO, and Editor-in-Chief of Beehive Startups. He is also a very powerful voice for Utah’s burgeoning technology ecosystem. Many of the most influential tech CEO’s in Utah support and respect Clint and the major impact he has had over the past three years in spreading the gospel of tech. Even from the beginning, Beehive Startups has always been bigger and bolder and more committed to the core because of Clint!

But Clint is also humble enough to use his connections and influence to raise $12,000 for a 15-year-old beekeeper named Bryce who had his hives stolen. “We had to. We are Beehive Startups, how could we not?” He cares about tech in Utah, but he also cares about the thousands of children from low-income families in our state that don’t have books to read. So in addition to being the catalyst for over a dozen huge tech gatherings and numerous podcasts, in-depth articles, and Silicon Slopes, Clint is responsible for rallying the tech community for literally thousands of books. He created “Startup Santa” and the books started pouring in! Even though he is only 30, he is determined to have a big positive impact. Enjoy this podcast with Clint Betts, Utah’s young and creative protagonist of tech in Utah!


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