Our Clients

Judge us by the company we keep.

We believe in our clients; our clients believe in us.

No matter the industry.

Tanner serves clients in the Distribution industry
Tanner serves various Utah clients in the transportation industry
Tanner works with clients in the service industry
Tanner serves clients in the manufacturing industry
Tanner serves clients in the financial and baking industries


``I have NEVER been more pleased in my 30-year career than the decision to select Tanner. The effort that Tanner is expending this first year to really know what we are about will pay huge dividends for many years to come.``


``We have operations across the country and the transition to Tanner went very smoothly. Tanner has worked with us to consistently meet our reporting deadlines.``


``We can unequivocally state that Tanner has exceeded our expectations. Tanner demonstrates a strong commitment to meeting deadlines and providing the “correct answer” the first time. We have found them to be a valued advisor. I highly recommend Tanner!``


``We have been extremely pleased to transition to Tanner and found their quality, responsiveness to questions, and proactive advice have been outstanding. Tanner has exceeded my expectations. Would strongly recommend Tanner!``


``We found Tanner’s professionalism and expertise to be exceptional and the product that they delivered superior. They made the transition between audit firms as painless as possible. I would, without hesitation, recommend utilizing Tanner for professional services.``


``As a company that works in the specialized field of equipment leasing, we need an audit partner who not only understands the unique challenges of our industry, but also one who takes a proactive approach to the market place to ensure we stay ahead of the curve. We greatly value their expertise and the personal attention we receive.``